Mission & Objective

  • Handing over of projects within a time frame.
  • Above average score in client’s work assessment on GTP.
  • Not exceeding 1% compensating pile annually.


  • Achieve the highest achievable quality; in terms of products and services.
  • Conform to client’s requirement in terms of understanding fully the task requirement and fulfill them accordingly.
  • Excel in whatever we do in terms of ensuring efficient operation of the quality management system as well as providing documentary records to evident the effectiveness of this system.


  • Our Mission is to be the leading regional ground engineering specialist, creating value for all stakeholders.
  • We aim to achieve this by forging strategic alliances, investment in equipment & technology and continuous upgrade of our engineering & management skills.
  • We are working with a good process to move a new place to Dagon Seik Kan industry to operate a big success firm.

Environmental Management Policy

Based on GTP Family’s Environmental Management Policies, Top Management of the GTP is fully committed to protect Natural and Physical environment of our organization and shall make simple, clear and realistic policy which will be supportive and guided for the organizational objectives and targets.

Environmental Management Objective

Our Company is continually establishing specific and measurable environmental management objectives consistent with the environmental management policy. These objectives are periodically reviewed and updated as necessary by the Managers and Management Review Team and communicated to the organization.

Objectives will be achieved through management philosophy of continual improvement in all aspects of company performance. Continual measurement, monitoring and corrective action will be taken.