This method utilizes static force to install piles. The force for pile installation is exerted from hydraulic jacks that attain their reaction from counter weights placed on the piling frame with a safe working load of 13 ton to 50 ton. The total weight of the piling frame and counter weights is in excess of twice the working load of the desired pile so that all piles can be jacked to set with a factor-of-safety of two.

GTP operates principally as a specialist for foundation & geotechnical engineering works & offers a full range of capabilities including the construction of large diameter bored piles, soil improvement works, driven piles, jack-in piles, load test pile & structural monitoring survey. GTP currently operates in nearly all over Myanmar.

Advantages of the System

1. Silent & Vibration free operation
2. Every pile is statically load-tested
3. Continuous monitoring of jack force
4. Suit low headroom & confined workplace
5. Every pile is statically load-tested

Available Square & Round Precast RC Pile (Grade-45)

6" (150 x 150) mm x 20'                             8" (200 x 200) mm x 20'
10" (250 x 250) mm x 20'                          12" (300 x 300) mm x 20'
14" (350 x 350) mm x 20'                          16" (400 x 400) mm x 20'
18" (450 x 450) mm x 20'                          20" (500 x 500) mm x 20'

Available Pile Working Load

TON 20 ~ TON 160

Ancillary Services

1.    Static Load Test (SLT)/ Working Load Test
2.    Ultimate Load Test (ULT)
3.    Pile Dynamic Analyzer (PDR)
4.    Pile Integrity Test (PIT)

Bored Pile

Cast In-Situe Ø 600 mm ~ Ø 2000 mm
Penetration up To 70 m

Precast RC Pile Production